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  • Signature room for 14 people with screen for video conferences.

  • Signature room for 6 people with screen for video conferences.

  • Reception for customers and suppliers and waiting room for 12 people.

  • Offices for the Notary Public and the Notary Public  Attached.

  • Offices for Legal Management and General Management.

  • Notarial and legal area with 6 cubicles.

  • Operation area with 16 work spaces.

  • Finance and systems areas with 10 workspaces.

  • Security file for protocols, appendices and documents.

  • Dedicated server and internet access for collaborators and visitors.

  • Parking for customers and suppliers.

  • Dining room for staff.




At Public Notary 188 we use the Digital Notary system developed by the VALCOMTI company, which is designed exclusively for our notary office.
Through this system, a record is kept of all the procedures in which all the instructions of our clients are documented, preparing the previous and subsequent documents of the notarial function, carrying out the deeds, monitoring external procedures with the different dependencies, digital backup of all information. In addition to serving as accounting control.
Notario digital.JPG


Hologram and scanner for official identifications.
Public Notary 188, uses the following technological tools of the notarial function for the fulfillment of the legal obligations of the various acts that are celebrated.
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